At the moment, most of the orders are sent by ordinary post,
therefore you are invited to provide us with a valid address excluding Fermo Posta.
Attention Swiss Customers
If you do not have a valid shipping address in Europe, we can not ship to Switzerland for customs problems.
Delivery The drugs we offer are produced in India and shipped from England and other EU countries.
Shipments made for ordinary mail cost 15 euros up to 100 pills. For orders that exceed 100 pills, a charge of 15 euros will be charged twice.
Shipments made for ordinary mail cost 15 euros up to 28 sachets. For orders exceeding 28 sachets, a charge of 15 euros will be charged twice.
The products we offer are in stock for immediate delivery. Delivery times are approximately 7-12 working days from the date of evasion from our warehouses (shipments from England).
In case of non-delivery on time, please contact us as soon as possible to inform of the matter. We will try to find a better solution to solve the problem. (We will send the package back for free at no extra cost).



Please know that we accept order cancellations only within 24 hours from the time of ordering. If you wish to cancel the order, you must contact our support team via the online support service (Viber) or by email (Contact). If you contact us after 24 hours, no order will be canceled.
Be sure to enter a valid address in the form. We recommend double-checking before sending the order. Any error could cause the non-delivery of the order. If you have noticed that the address entered in the form is not correct, contact us as soon as possible to change it (Contact).



The drugs we offer are Generic / Equivalent. Equivalent medicines have the same efficacy, safety and quality of the corresponding “branded” drugs, but they cost less than 20% to 50%. We guarantee that they are chemically the same and have the same medical effect.
If you are not satisfied with the effect that our drugs produce, please contact us to inform us of the problem. Before contacting us, please make sure you have taken the right dose of the product and followed the instructions for use. Remember that the effects could be diminished by fat food, alcohol and smoking taken before the pill. Sometimes it may occur that the drug does not produce the desired and expected effects; in this case we suggest to test another type of similar drug.
If you do not receive the goods within 30 days, you can contact our support team (Contact) to request a reshipment or refund if the non-delivery depends on us. If the customer has not taken care to collect the package, we will not send it back
We remind our customers that it is not possible to make a refund when paying by debit card, but only by credit card. In this case it is only possible to send it back.