GENERIC LEVITRA is a convenient alternative to the most famous brand treatments for erectile dysfunction. The product of GENERIC LEVITRA has the same main active ingredients as are found in the original version. GENERIC LEVITRA helps men reach and maintain a lasting erection. GENERIC LEVITRA is no different from whatever its analog owner, except, of course, price.

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GENERIC LEVITRA is effective only in excited natural men, is not an agent and does not increase libido. As with other GENERIC LEVITRA drugs, it is to increase blood flow to the penis, so that it appears and increases erection. Thus, GENERIC LEVITRA helps look and maintain a sufficient erection for normal sexual intercourse. The GENERIC LEVITRA effect is rapidly absorbed and begins to function normally after 15 minutes. It takes up to 10 hours.

GENERIC LEVITRA is compatible with alcohol and food, however, it is important to take into account the fact that a large amount of alcohol and the intake of fatty foods slows the absorption of the drug into the bloodstream and thus slows the effect on the entire body.

Like the original Levitra, the GENERIC LEVITRA is also distinguished by its strong tolerability. However, in the case of hypersensitivity, the onset of some side effects can not be totally excluded. Experience suggests that, in most cases, these effects may disappear on their own. If this is not the case you will have to immediately alert your physician. They usually disappear by themselves quickly. Consult a doctor in case of serious or long-lasting side effects.

The side effects of GENERIC LEVITRA are:
Headaches and / or head circumference,
Redness or irritation of the skin,
Abdominal pain,
He retched,
Burning of the stomach,
Nasal congestion.

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